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DeKalb County, IL

Data Entry Providers DeKalb County, IL. In a data and information driven world, more and more companies are finding that outsourcing to professional data management services is vital. Data Dash has been pioneer among DeKalb County, IL data entry providers for over 25 years. We help companies in numerous industries streamline their processes and and increase their productivity on the tasks that really matter. In all of years of business, we have never missed a deadline and have never lost track of a document. We offer technical expertise and innovative software to deliver accurate results, on time. If you think it’s time to outsource data conversion to data entry providers in DeKalb County, IL, reach out to Data Dash today at 314-939-1430 or contact us online.

We offer data capture and document processing to myriad industries, including:

What Is Data Entry in DeKalb County, IL?

Data entry is the the capture and conversion of information on paper documents to digital systems. The data can be everything from a list of names, computer codes, market research surveys, and more. The data can be entered into word processors, spreadsheets, or anywhere a client needs the data to be.

Data entry providers in DeKalb County, IL also help organize data so that it is contained in one place and your internal processes are more efficient. We can help you go completely paperless, or just transfer data to secure online systems.

Why Outsource Data Entry in DeKalb County, IL?

Outsourcing your data entry in DeKalb County, IL helps by saving your two most valuable resources: time and money. When you trust your data management to data entry providers, the people who work for you won’t have to spend precious time doing tedious administrative duties. Instead, they’ll be able to focus on your customers and the aspects of your business that you hired them to do. Data shows that data entry by employees is responsible for 57.5% of poor data quality. DeKalb County, IL data entry providers are staffed by professionals, they’ll likely be able to complete the job faster, and you won’t have to spend any time or money training people on complicated, drawn-out processes. Outsourcing is also cheaper than hiring your own data entry professionals.

How to Decide Between Data Entry Providers in DeKalb County, IL

Once you’ve made the decision to look into data entry providers, you’ll want to make sure the one you decide on is safe and can get the job done right. Crucial qualities a data entry provider must have are:

  • Experience: Do they have a proven track record of getting results? Data Dash has been providing data management services in DeKalb County, IL since 1991, and has a proven history of meeting and exceeding expectations in projects from HR processes, financial disclosures, and businesses in DeKalb County, IL.
  • Efficiency: How fast will the turnaround time be? We have over 50 data management offices throughout the U.S., that operate day and night. Our operators type well above 15,000 keystrokes an hour and we can scan more than half a million documents in in one work shift. Our objective is to complete your project before our agreed-upon target date.
  • Accuracy: Timely completion of a project means nothing if there are errors made when entering the data. While the typical error rate in manual data entry is around 1%, our professionals work at a 99.9981% accuracy rate and guarantee a 99.5% accuracy rate on all projects. Our supervisors are constantly confirming the accuracy of our data entry.
  • Customer Service: How will they treat you as a customer? At Data Dash, we’re available whenever you need us. If you have multiple projects with us, they will be done by the same data entry expert, so they’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of your company and its needs.
  • Trustworthiness: Much of the data we process has private information. We abide by Department of the Interior oversight and that of and other regulatory bodies. We know your data is sensitive, and it will always be secure with Data Dash.

Offshore vs. Onshore Data Entry Providers in DeKalb County, IL

Many DeKalb County, IL companies have their interest piqued by data entry providers outside the U.S. — known as offshore providers — in an effort to reduce costs. The two major issues with offshoring your data processing could be communication and the quality of the work. While there are many data entry providers outside of the U.S. who will do a great job, we believe using an American company such as Data Dash — an onshore data capture and conversion service — as a better option for most companies for four main reasons:

  1. As an American data entry provider, we have worked with hundreds of clients that need to observe compliance and regulation standards under U.S. law or from various overseeing entities. All of our DeKalb County, IL data entry professionals are trained in HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance, and a variety of other regulatory standards.
  2. Collaboration is much easier when you have the same business hours and have no cultural barriers.
  3. By offshoring, you’ll have to hire legal and taxation experts who understand how to do business in another country.
  4. While an offshore data entry provider may indeed be cheaper, is centrally located in the U.S. our services are still cheaper many other data entry providers in DeKalb County, IL.

In addition to data entry services, we also assist DeKalb County, IL organizations with:

Other services we offer in DeKalb County, IL include:

DeKalb County, IL Data Entry Providers | Data Dash

Outsourcing mechanical administrative tasks to data entry providers is a superb way to enhance your productivity and profits. At Data Dash, we help companies in a range of fields get the accurate and quick results for their projects that they need. We utilize a variety of programming languages and software applications so we can adapt to your specific needs. For a company that truly stands out among data entry providers, call Data Dash today at 314-939-1430 or contact us online.