Business Process Automation
Streamline Repeat Processes - More Cost Efficient, Error-Proof & Transparent

Why Automate Business Processes?

  • Did you know?

    In just under 4 months, Data Dash imported over 2.8 million pages of employee data for the St. Louis Public School District using Laserfiche software.

Business Process Automation Increases Operational Efficiency While Lowering Costs

Operational efficiency with productive measures and lowered costs is what every organization strives to achieve through their  business processes. It has become increasingly more important  to integrate business processes, automate tedious manual tasks in the company and secure data at different levels by permitting role-based access. Business Process Automation is essentially developing a business strategy that focuses on integrating the applications and diverse departments within the organization, automating their processes, and restructuring the organization including the labor and use secure software to perform the different work, ultimately increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs.

Business Process Automation Benefits

  •  High quality and consistent results as processes are performed in the same method, without a single discrepancy
  •  Automation of processes leads to high levels of consistent user experience
  •  Manual tasks are automated, which saves a lot of time that can be used in completing the remaining tasks
  •  Key metrics are recorded and you can define strategies using these metrics. Evaluating the metrics has become easy with process automation
  •  Increased productivity and improved operational efficiency that results in better results

Benefits of Working with Us

There are specific benefits of associating with us for your business process automation solutions. We cater to specific needs and model your business process automation structure to meet your objectives. We offer business process automation consulting services as well as business process automation & integration solutions to improve your business capabilities.

Our team has a complete understanding of the BPA systems, your processes, business needs and technology specifications, therefore helping you accomplish the results you have specified. Partnering with us will enhance your capabilities, and ultimately provide the experience your users desire. Our compliance standards, quality solutions, and best practices help us achieve the best solutions.

Digitize Documents
  • Eliminate Storage & Retrieval Costs
  • Disaster Recovery – Paper & Media
  • Access Control Over Data in Documents
  • A Paperless Office
Organize Documents
Automate Processes
Streamline Processes
Transform Processes


Digitize Your Documents

Create an electronic filing cabinet by converting your documents from paper to digital.

Key Pain Points

Excessive storage and retrieval costs

Risk of losing important documents

No control over who can access what documents

A paper-heavy office


Your Path to Transformation

If you still have file cabinets full of paper and non-enforceable policies, going digital is more than just the first step. It is the seminal step that lays the foundation for all the improvement to follow.


Reduce document storage expenses

Secure critical documents with disaster recovery

Easily manage access to sensitive content

A paperless office


Organize Your Documents

Easily categorize your documents and manage them in a secure, central location.

Key Pain Points

Paper-based data entry

No shared access to documents

Difficulty finding documents

Redundant work activity

Your Path to Transformation

Being able to easily find information is challenging for many organizations. Categorizing documents with extracted metadata makes them easy to search, share and organize – without sacrificing security.


Minimal data entry and reduced human errors

Centralized, secured document access

Enable document collaboration

Fewer duplicate work tasks


Automate Your Processes

Improve accountability by digitizing your processes with electronic forms.

Key Pain Points

Time-consuming, manual processes

Inconsistent, disorganized business processes

Lack of data integration between applications

Difficulty complying with regulations


Your Path to Transformation

Now that you can easily find and share information, your processes might not be able to keep up. Relying on inefficient, manual processes doesn’t just waste time and resources, it makes it impossible to guarantee crucial policies are followed. Automating your processes simplifies regulatory compliance while helping your entire organization work smarter.


Increased productivity and elimination of manual tasks

Standardized, mapped-out processes

Easy integration between applications

Simplified compliance that addresses regulatory concerns


Streamline Your Processes

Gain more visibility into your operations and increase the efficiency of cross-functional processes.

Key Pain Points

Cumbersome, complex processes

Lacking data policy oversight

Difficulty determining staffing levels

Minimal process visibility


Your Path to Transformation

Lack of oversight can make it difficult to manage automated processes that impact multiple parts of the organization. Increased insight into process performance provides the information you need to improve compliance, increase accountability and transparency, and minimize complexity.


Streamlined, simplified business processes

Improved compliance, data oversight and data quality

Ability to reach optimal staffing levels using prescriptive analytics

Increased vision into process health and performance


Transform Your Processes

Drive innovation and transform your processes by leveraging analytics.

Key Pain Points

Limited analytics for gaining business insight

Processes are not aligned with business needs

Change management costs


Your Path to Transformation

With a fully digital workplace, it may be tempting to conclude that no more improvements can be made. But because business needs change all the time, a true innovator never stops innovating. With predictive analytics, you have new ways to improve the way your business works – including the insight to build processes that cut costs, achieve revenue growth and support business goals.


Predictive analytics create new ways to improve doing business

Processes are built for growth and to support organizational goals

An agile business ecosystem

Build Web Form In Minutes

  • Replace paper forms with easy-to-design web forms that can be published on intranets or public websites. Create and publish e-forms with an intuitive forms management system that requires no coding or scripting.

  • Easily create attractive forms with preconfigured templates or customize them with editable fonts, colors, uploaded images and layout options.

  • Drag and drop a wide variety of fields, checkboxes and radio buttons onto your form to collect the exact information you need, in the precise format you require.

  • Change the look and feel of a form – or add and delete questions from it – at any time, without requiring programming assistance.

Securely capture accurate data

  • Automatically pull data from primary applications to pre-populate forms, reducing the need to rekey or manually validate information.

  • Designate required fields so forms won’t be submitted with incomplete fields or incorrect data types. Help ensure the security of confidential information by requiring user credentials from authorized staff to access submitted data.

  • Maintain records of submitted information by automatically saving completed electronic forms in the Laserfiche repository

Automate business processes with Laserfiche

  • Trigger document routing and processing when new content is created.

  • Create new folders and update document fields when content is created.

  • Kick off routing and approval workflows when web forms are submitted. Schedule high-volume batch processing of routine incoming documents.