Digital Mailroom
Mail-Driven Processes That Once Took Days or Weeks—Can Be Completed in Minutes

Digital Mailroom

Get Ahead by Going Digital

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    Data Dash offers high-quality laser letter printing, high-speed mail extractors, and full mailroom services.

Digital Mailroom Automation Services

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We have improved mailroom processes for companies across the globe by implementing digital mailroom services into their daily operations. It can be challenging to maintain large volumes of inbound mail. Not only does mailroom management take up time, it also wastes resources such as paper, labor, and space. Expanding companies who have outsourced mail services have discovered the savings of both time and money that digital mailrooms render. While some have been skeptical of security issues in a digital realm, we provide remittance and lockbox processing, along with adhering to the highest security standards to ensure the safety of information sensitive pieces of mail.

Collect, Process, and Disburse Information through Email in Minutes

By utilizing the latest in mailroom automation technology, we are able to convert thousands of documents into digital information that can be expended to specified individuals at specified time periods. It no longer takes hours to sift through documents that need to be scanned and emailed to a client, but instead minutes for the software to collect, process, and disburse the data to help you achieve your business objectives.

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Benefits of Digital Mailroom Services

Reduce your operating costs
Regain office space
Improved process efficiency
Improved quality
Increased security
Faster distribution and control


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