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Data Entry Services

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    Data Dash is here to save you time and money. We setup PO boxes and pick up your mail daily. We process and deposit same day or per your business rules.

Data Entry Services Based in St. Louis, MO

Data entry can be tedious and time-consuming when completed in office. If you are maintaining massive direct mail campaigns with millions of archives, organizing market research, or simply have vast amounts of paper forms that you need converted to digital files, we can supply you with data entry services that accurately meet and exceed your requests in a cost-effective manner. We provide services nationally to businesses in all industries across the United States, along with data entry services in St. Louis, MO.

When choosing to outsource to our company, it permits for extra time for your team to better utilize their capabilities and effort into growing and increasing important your business’s most important activities.

Data Entry Outsourcing Saves Time & Money

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry

  1. Cost-Savings: Outsourcing data entry to a company specializing in data entry services is less expensive than the cost of hiring administrative employees. Money saved can be invested back into the business rather than expended on inefficient in-house data entry.
  2. Better Use of Resources: If you’re able to eliminate administrative tasks from your team’s daily agenda, noticeable differences in employee productivity and creativity occur. Not only is their time used more effectively, but they also become more resourceful assets to the company, which becomes advantageous in competition with competitors.
  3. Impeccable Execution: We adhere to the highest level of quality, delivering companies across the globe with accuracy ratings of 99.9981% and guaranteeing 99.5% accuracy on all work. Rare errors that may occur are fixed immediately when notified.
  4. Efficient: Unable to keep up with all administrative work? If yes, you need to outsource these tasks to a company who can scan 500,000 documents in one shift alone. Our service providers will get your business back up to speed as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  5. Better Customer Service: Once you are no longer spending time on repetitive tasks, your employees can focus more on the satisfaction of new and long-term customers. Good customer service is one of the most important functions in the retention customer relationships.

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We Guarantee Quality & Quick Turnaround Every Time for Your:

Mail Lists
Market Research Surveys
Legal Documents
Inventory Sheets
Tax Returns
Insurance Claims

Your Data is Secure--We Guarantee It

Your data is sensitive. That’s why we want you to feel confident in our secure measures. All of our facilities and vehicles have been security inspected and approved by the Department of Interior and other private entities. We also comply with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We are PCI compliant.

Data Entry Pricing

Every job is different–and we handle them all. Our pricing is based on your requirements. We provide pricing per document, per record, per thousand keystrokes or per hour. High-volume discounts are available.

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  • “Sue, it has been a distinct pleasure working with you these last 9 months. You have accomplished an incredible feat in developing such a smooth operation for us in such a short amount of time.”

    Rien Heymering, Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians
  • “I can’t tell you how pleased I was today at the progress we made. Your entire team is great and Michael and Steve are incredibly talented technical professionals while also having common sense for operations. A rare combo indeed.”

    Tom Benoit, Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund
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    Jim Obermeyer, Reveal, Inc.