Reduce labor costs, increase productivity, improve quality and customer satisfaction
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Streamline your operations and lower administrative costs.

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    We have more than 50 data entry workstations operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

US based business process outsourcing

Reduce costs and efficiently maintain regulatory compliance by outsourcing repetitive back office capture operations and commercial document management tasks.

Streamline your operations and lower administrative costs by replacing inefficient paper intensive processes with our capture services and Laserfiche® document management software. All back office operations are performed within the United States, by tenured onshore employees who pass regular background & security checks.

Centrally located in the St. Louis, MO Area, take advantage of lower labor costs and get a quote on one or a combination of Data Dash BPO services.
Document Scanning Services – accurately processes millions of characters, documents and business transactions each month. Data Dash provides the resources to manage unpredictable volumes, significantly reduce cost and improve customer service.

If you have handwritten documents or forms and are not getting 99.5% accuracy, Data Dash can guarantee you 99.5% accuracy with our data entry services.

  • Digital Mailroom: No More Mail to Open; No Data to Index; Paper Processing is Eliminated – Go Paperless Documents and data are delivered digitally to your business applications, ready for processing and workflow automation
  • Contract Personnel: Eliminate Time, Effort and Cost in seeking, hiring, background checking and training staff for short-term needs and peak processing periods to process incoming documents with our paperless solutions
  • Data Entry: Improve accuracy and be confident that you are receiving superior data and the highest accuracy with our redundant error checking software
  • Maximize productivity: Your staff focus on what you hired them to do rather than routine but critical tasks with business process automation and maintenance-free paperless solutions

Additional back office operation services include data entry, scanning & indexing, lockbox/payment processing, data capture, document management and conversions. We develop a plan with you, for you. Then we deliver, integrate, train and help you manage your document workflow.