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We Have the Capability to Process 500,000 Documents in One Shift Alone!

Rebate Processing Company

Providing Rebate Processing Services for 30 Years!

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    At each location, we run two mirrored file servers that are plugged into a smart UPS.

Rebate Processing Company Headquartered in St. Louis, MO

We provide rebate processing services both locally in St. Louis, MO and to businesses across the nation. As a company that processes rebates for you, we have the capability to offer underlying processing possibilities including flat-rate shipping, bulk-cost processing, totally fixed costs and more. When your customer completes a rebate form, they can send it directly to us. We open and validate all contents, and then capture the data, following up by determining whether or not it’s compliant. Additionally, we can fulfill merchandise while providing detailed reports.

Imagine a month that no longer required your company to complete time-consuming processing tasks. Your team would be unrestricted to join in on projects contributing to sales and marketing objectives, ultimately bringing in more business, and growing your company’s capabilities.

Benefits of Outsourcing Rebate Processing:

Committed Professionals: We service dedicated, trained and skilled employees with expertise in processing rebates. Knowledge and experience contribute largely in upgrading proficiency in processing, delivering cost-savings, and enhancing customer contentment.

Dollars Saved: Some would deem cost-savings the most crucial benefit associated with experts in order processing and rebate fulfillment. Not only does outsourcing save money, but it improves overall business productivity. By refocusing your internal resources to growing key business objectives, Data Dash takes over rebate processing, concentrating on order accuracy and timely processing.

Latest Technology: We use the newest and modern systems available for rebate processing that your company, a retailer, or a manufacturer may not have access to. Additionally we use remittance and lockbox processing for maximum security.

Project Turnaround: Outsourcing rebate processing increases productivity, and decreases the amount of time it takes to complete projects. Because more projects are being completed by experts who have perfected the process, the ability to take on more business now becomes available to you, in turn, producing higher levels of profitability.

Customer Service and Support: We have been acknowledged for our outstanding customer support processes by a number of our clients of the last 30 years. We are dedicated to helping you develop, maintain, and grow your business, and provide you with customer service specialists when needed.

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  • “Service with a smile, I love it!! You guys are great!”

    Tom Karn, Monsanto
  • “Thank you for providing these surveys so quickly! My client was thrilled that they were able to have a copy of these surveys in less than an hour. Wow!”

    Lindsay Rebholz