Unibase by DMAC

Unibase by DMAC

  • Did you know?

    Data Management Assistance Corporation (DMAC) was founded in 1989. The company’s four founding principals had been working together in the service bureau industry since 1972. Their combined 68 years of experience, sound planning and careful management has made DMAC the dominant company in its field.

  • Did you know?

    DMAC currently supports more than 5000 workstations in well over 400 separate companies worldwide

Why Unibase?


A standard job and record format can be created in minutes.


Field attributes can be edited quickly with 64 check-boxes, with additional edits available if needed.


Output generators create output files with no programming.

Data can be easily re-formatted and output in virtually any way or format that you need it.


Data Dash has 30+ years of experience programming for fast deployment of new projects.