Energy & Utility
Reduced labor costs, increased worker productivity, and higher product quality and customer satisfaction.

Unique industry experience

Regulatory documentation, customer paperwork, and internal document management

  • Did you know?

    Data Dash is equipped with large format scanners with the ability Scan documents wider than 11″.

Energy and Utilities Automated Business Solutions

Data Dash understands the challenges energy companies and utilities are facing including growing demand, regulatory compliance, heightened security and environmental concerns. We can help you increase visibility and security, decrease costs and deliver superior service with end-to-end energy and utilities automated business solutions and services that are smart, scalable and secure.

When you are ready to let Data Dash help you with your back office operations you’ll experience:

• No more mail to open. No data to index. Paper processing is eliminated. Documents and data are delivered digitally to your business applications, ready for processing and workflow automation

• Eliminate time, effort and cost in seeking, hiring, background checking and training staff for short term needs and peak processing periods to process incoming documents with our paperless solutions.

• Improve accuracy; be confident that you are receiving superior data and the highest quality images.

• Your staff will focus on higher-level tasks with business process automation and maintenance-free paperless solutions.

• Ensure regulatory compliance; our professional back office operation services include data entry, scanning, indexing, lockbox/payment processing, data capture, document management and conversions. We develop a plan with you, for you. Then deliver, integrate, train and help you manage your document workflow.