Accurate Data Entry
99.9981% keystroke accuracy rating - 99.5% accuracy rating guaranteed!

Accurate Data Entry Services

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    DMAC currently supports more than 5000 workstations in well over 400 separate companies worldwide

Data Entry Services are Accurate and Reliable

Data Dash recognizes the importance of accuracy and reliability in data entry services involving your most information sensitive documents, which is why we employ the most powerful and trustworthy data/image entry tool developed – Unibase DMAC. Unibase by DMAC allows our representatives to key with ease, while using blind key verification to reformat data outputs with no actual reformatting taking place within your information systems unless specified. Additionally, our data entry services incorporate customized edits for your company’s specific challenges and requests to ensure the quality control of your data. Accuracy along with speed are two core components of Data Dash’s day to day operations, for we can process over 500,000 documents within a first shift alone. If additional shifts are needed to meet your company’s requests, we are more than happy to add extra shifts due to our ability to stay open 24 hours a day.

Try LaserFiche ECM for Customized Data Entry Services – Speed & Accuracy!

While a data entry services provider, we are also a proud user and distributor of the industry leading Enterprise Document Management Software LaserFiche, which has proven successful for nearly 36,000 system operators globally. While conducting OCR (Optical Character Recognition) through the Laserfiche ECM system, you can pick from numerous settings for personalized accuracy, speed, and balance standards. This enables you to choose the system settings that best fit the requirements of the documents being worked on for optimal accuracy and success ratings.


We’ve heard the horror stories from clients, going with inexperienced or cheap vendors can lead to big headaches and expensive rework.


“We paid to have thousands of documents scanned, only to find later many of the documents were blank.”


“The company used low resolution scanning and all the documents have a purple haze over the content.”


Make sure you are asking the right questions of your vendors:

Will the work be done in-house or sent overseas?

Do you employ home operators?

Do you check work manually?