Nonprofit Donation Processing Services

Honored to provide data entry, mailroom and lockbox services.

  • Did you know?

    At Data Dash, 12,000,000 keystrokes are available per day, with contract personnel performing at a 99.9981% accuracy rating based on keystrokes.

Nonprofit Donation Processing and Database Solutions

Data Dash is honored to provide data entry, mailroom and lockbox services to non-profit organizations. With our customized services, we can efficiently handle the non-standard and one-off processing requirements involved in nonprofit donation processing. It is our privilege to participate in the success of many worthy missions.

Data Dash provides highly secure, accurate and confidential lockbox and return mail processing services. We utilize the latest technology in the remittance processing industry to accurately, rapidly and efficiently process payments and donations. Data Dash collects and processes customer payments/donations, which are deposited directly into your operating account.

Data Dash provides custom solutions and uses the most advanced image-based remittance systems. Our services provide cost effective solutions devoted to receiving and processing all remittances for your organization at competitive prices. Our clients are not forced into a one-service level fits all-inflexible process.

Your remittances mailed to Post Office Box dedicated to the receipt of your donations. We deposit per your instructions to help save expenses. We can provide same day received providing you faster access to funds. In addition to assisting with the remittance process, we will provide deposit reports and upload the data directly in your accounting system and donor relationship solution.

  • Cost savings from affordable rates and easy to understand pricing
  • Transactions processed and funds deposited
  • Experienced programmers on staff for easy integration with legacy software

All projects are priced based on your requirements.