Secure Data Entry
Performed in the USA - No Off-Shoring or Home Operators

Secure Data Entry Operations

HIPAA, PCI, & DOI Compliant Data Entry

  • Did you know?

    In over 30 years of service, we have never lost a document.

Secure Data Entry In-House Operations

No Off-Shoring for Minimal Error & Maximum Privacy

At Data Dash, we take secure data entry and privacy very seriously. To ensure total confidentiality and protection of your most important documents, strict data controls have been put in place for maximum security. While many companies off-shore data entry and scanning procedures, this leaves room for multiple errors including lost documents and sensitive information leakage, ultimately causing unnecessary chaos due to lack of overall data control. At Data Dash we perform all practices in-house; we do not off-shore or employ home operators, which has proven successful, for we have never lost a document in our 30 years of service. In addition to in-house work, Data Dash uses the latest in anti-virus software to block potential database breaches.

HIPAA, PCI, and DOI Compliant

All of our facilities and vehicles have been inspected and approved by the U.S. Department of Interior along with other private entities, passing yearly audits on operating procedures and computer networking systems. Data Dash facilities employ security cameras throughout the premises, and requires all visitors to have an escort when on-site. Additionally, we comply with the requirements specified by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI), providing the most secure data entry possible.

Employee Security – Background Checks & NDA’s

Additionally, to ensure secure data entry practices, all employees hired by Data Dash must pass extensive background checks and sign a non-disclosure agreement before beginning work. Employees must also attend regular security meetings, seminars, and conferences upon request. Data Dash uses a Sonicwall that allows only permissioned operators and supervisors to access specific URL’s in any given 24 hour period. Operators are granted the minimal access needed to do their job on a project, tightly controlling unwarranted information exposure.