Remittance and Lockbox Processing
Highly Secure Processing - Reduces Paper Mail, Check Clearing Float Times, and Administrative Expenses

Remittance and Lockbox Processing

Secure and Streamlined

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Remittance Processing and Lockbox Banking

Remittance and Lockbox processing services at Data Dash, headquartered out of St. Louis, MO, are created to fast-track receipts and deposits of check and credit card payments that are sent by mail. When companies collect a sizable number of donations or payments along with remittance documents, a lockbox banking system helps simplify remittance and payment processing. By applying innovative lockbox banking technology, businesses have various places that they can accept payments and deposits, transferring them directly to their accounts receivable. Once a company sets up a post-office box to obtain customer payments, the remittance documents can be scanned, data is captured, and then transferred daily.

Remittance and Lockbox Processing Benefits

Companies that utilize remittance processing and lockbox banking will significantly lower the cost of in-house remittance and lockbox processing, while accumulating and converting their receivables into cash faster. You will no longer need to maintain your business’ bank deposits or update accounting records due to the convenience of the automation systems that accompany remittance and lockbox processing. Additionally, remittance and lockbox processing at Data Dash has met the maximum requirements for security and accuracy, providing trustworthy services for important documentation with zero information leakage. In 30+ years of service we have never lost a document.

While our main offices are stationed out of St. Louis, MO and Farmington, MO, we provide lockbox and remittance services on both a local and a global basis. Our customers are businesses of all sizes in all industries located all over the United States and beyond.

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Non-Profit Clients

Remittance Lockbox Processing

We are honored to provide lockbox services to non-profit organizations. With our customized services, we can efficiently handle the non-standard processing requirements involved in donation processing.

MAVRO Imaging
Working with the Department of the Interior (DOI), we have implemented MAVRO Imaging as a solution to their remittance/lockbox project. MAVRO Imaging allows Data Dash to easily scan documents for the DOI and then transmit the encrypted data to DOI and the U.S. Treasury.


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