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Cicero, IL

Data Management in Cicero, IL. As the world becomes more data-driven, having your data organized, protected, and easy to access through data management services is crucial. At Data Dash, we’ve been entering, processing and converting data and helping companies and organizations store data for over two decades. Give us a call today at 314-939-1430 or contact us online to find out more about our services.

Data Dash offers data management services to organizations in the following sectors in Cicero, IL:

What is Data Management in Cicero, IL?

Data management is a broad expression that generally refers to how to utilize data as a valuable resource. Effectively managing data is crucial in giving the best experience to your clients and and optimizing your internal processes. Common types of data that’s managed are:

  • Customer data
  • Surveys
  • Product data
  • HR documents
  • Financial data
  • Reference data
  • Enrollment records
  • And more

Generally, data management allows businesses in Cicero, IL to effortlessly and successfully assess data in a manner that aids their internal operations and helps them serve their clients better.

Why Do I Need Data Management in Cicero, IL?

As businesses grow and the world becomes more information-driven, more and more data is created. Every time a customer purchases a product, follows your social media page, or signs up for your newsletter mailing list, a new piece of data is generated. When that data is not kept properly, it can cause a hodgepodge of otherwise useful information that should be used to enhance your organization.

According to data from 2018 Global Data Management Benchmark Report, 95% of CEOs, CFOs, and COOs are of the opinion that data is an essential part of their business strategy, and 89% are of the opinion that that incorrect data is undermining their ability to provide their clients with the best experience. With efficient data management, you’ll be able to:

  • Be more productive
  • Improve your organizational strategy
  • Become more agile
  • Gain competitive advantages
  • Be more cost-efficient, as your workers won’t be spending time pouring through improperly organized data
  • React quicker to market trends
  • Diminish security risks
  • Make more grounded decisions

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What Is Involved in Data Management in Cicero, IL?

As data management is a comprehensive expression, it contains a variety of processes in order to have the most amount of benefit. Different processes involved in data management are:

Master Data Management (MDM)

Master data is the “who,” “what,” and “where” of data. For most Cicero, IL organizations, that includes customers, providers, services, and locational data. Master database management is how that data is accumulated and stored.

Data Governance

Data governance refers to the overarching structure and oversight of data. It enables consistency and accountability in how data is processed and used. With proper data governance, you can verify availability, usability, consistency, data integrity, and data security. Data governance is sort of like a constitution that puts forth the rules for how your data will be managed.

Data Stewardship

A data steward is someone that oversees the standards created in data governance. They behave as an intermediary between an IT team processing the data in Cicero, IL and the business where the data originates in order to validate that security, intake, and organization policies are satisfied and that the data is being appropriately used. If data governance is a constitution, data stewardship is the judiciary branch.

Data Architecture

Data architecture is the blueprint for data flows. This refers to the computerized aspect of data management. It focuses on combining the data with the organizational strategy. If data governance relates to people and workflow, architecture refers to configuration design.

Data Warehousing or Data Lakes

A data warehouse is a crucial aspect of business intelligence. A warehouse contains data that is structured, filtered, and processed for a specific purpose, and is capable of being analyzed. A data lake is a central location that houses all data, whether structured or unstructured. The benefit of a data lake is that data can be maintained in its natural format without needing to alter it.

Data Security

While particular products like Unibase by DMAC and Laserfiche® Enterprise Document Management software are designed to maintain the integrity of your data, managing data still necessitates active steps such as ensuring only authorized parties in Cicero, IL have access and more.

Data Integration

Data integration involves consolidating data in what is called extract, transform, and load. The objective is to have all of your data in one system. This can involve scanning paper documents and going paperless, or moving files from physical databases to cloud.

Data Quality

Quality managers are responsible for keeping an eye on and combing through data to ensure there are no corrupted data, getting rid of any substandard data, and more.

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Data Dash offers exhaustive data management to our clients throughout the United States. Our 50 work stations nationwide wide operate day and night, and our data management specialists work to a 99.9981% accuracy standard. Beyond the aforementioned benefits of data management in Cicero, IL, when you hire an outside IT team you can save valuable time and your employees will be able to spend their energy on the core tasks you hired them for instead of mechanical work. As our headquarters are in the middle of the country we can manage data anywhere in the country, and we do not charge as much than many other data management providers in Cicero, IL. Call Data Dash today at 314-939-1430 or contact us online to learn more about how we can make your Cicero, IL business or organization succeed.