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Data Entry Companies in Maperville, IL. Data entry is be a drawn out process, and doing it in-house can impede your Maperville, IL business or agency from focusing on its original objectives. That’s why many companies are beginning to understand the wisdom in outsourcing to data entry companies. Data Dash has been one-stop shop solution for data and document processing for over 25 years. We are constantly innovating and discovering cutting-edge ways to streamline your administrative processes to save you time and money. Our headquarters in the middle of the country means we’re equipped to work in Maperville, IL and throughout the nation; we have over 50 data entry offices in the U.S., all operating 24/7. If you’re looking to outsource your data entry in Maperville, IL, or are tired of other Maperville, IL data entry companies giving you poor results, reach out to us today at 314-939-1430 or contact us online.

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6 Benefits of Outsourcing to Data Entry Companies in Maperville, IL

1. Time- and Cost-Efficient

Outsourcing to data entry companies is cheaper the than hiring your own in-house team. While we have offices in Maperville, IL and throughout the country, our headquarters are located in Missouri, where labor is cheaper than at other Maperville, IL data entry companies, a benefit that is passed down to you. Moreover, you want your employees to spend their time on what you pay them to do, not mundane tasks that fill up your daily agenda and create a logjam. Your team will accomplish more faster and be more creative as well.

2. Fast Results

In over 25 years of data entry, we have never delivered a project late. We make more than 12,000,000 keystrokes per day and can process more than half a million documents in just our first shift. We have the resources, experience, and skill required to handle volume while maintaining accuracy and the security of your data.

3. Accuracy

Sustaining a 99.9981% accuracy rating, our data entry technicians are as dependable as it gets. A fast turnover is irrelevant for Maperville, IL data entry companies if they cannot offer quality services. At Data Dash, we can do both.

4. The Best Technologies

We’ve maintained our status as an industry leader among data entry companies in Maperville, IL by consistently innovating and staying up to date on. We have partnered with Laserfiche ECM for years and use Unibase by DMAC to maintain security, precision, and quality.

5. Security

Data is sensitive, especially when it contains personal medical and financial information. As well as software you can trust to keep information secure, we perform background checks on every one of our data entry technicians and are HIPAA and PCI compliant. We work to whatever standards you require to safeguard your data and safeguard your Maperville, IL organization from liability.

6. Scalability

If you have a large project coming up that will necessitate a considerable increase in data entry, having an in-house team would require you to take the time to recruit, hire, and train more staff, all before meeting your deadline. By outsourcing to Maperville, IL data entry companies like Data Dash, you won’t have to bother with mixing staffing and trainings concerns with a schedule and a budget. We complete large projects expeditiously all the time.

Besides data entry, we assist organizations in Maperville, IL with:

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How Data Entry Can Help You | Maperville, IL Data Entry Companies

As the world uses less and less paper and more and more data is being accumulated, the amount of industries that need the help of data entry companies is growing tremendously. If you run any type of business or organization in Maperville, IL, there’s a good chance at least part of your administrative processes could be more cost-effective and more efficient by outsourcing to data entry companies. Some of the fields Data Dash works with are:

  • Commercial

    We work with small and medium business in Maperville, IL, as well as Fortune 500 companies, so that their employees can focus on what you pay them to do, instead of rote tasks. We can help your company go paperless with a digital mailroom, scan and index documents, conduct lockbox/payment processing, and much more.

  • Healthcare

    We’re different from other Maperville, IL data entry companies in that our data entry experts have been instructed in HIPAA compliance. We specialize in data capture, medical records scanning services, and document management systems. We help you grow your revenue by automating processes and improving patient experience.

  • Not-For-Profits

    Giving back to the community has always been a priority for us. Our affordable rates mean that your donation and investment dollars can stretch as far as possible. We can assist you with data entry, processing donations, remittance processing, and secure mailroom and lockbox services. We are proud to help you achieve your mission, and all pricing is based on your needs.

  • Government

    We work with Federal, State, and local Maperville, IL government agencies adapt to staffing restraints and improve efficiency. We offer lower-cost alternatives to paper-based records and archives We have done business with the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of the Interior, and have had several GWACs. We strive to make your job easier so your staff can spend their energy on more pressing duties.

  • Financial

    With so much sensitive data and so much regulatory oversight in the finance industry, you don’t want to trust your processes and documentation to overseas data entry companies. All of our facilities have been federally inspected. We help you become more cost-efficient and improve customer experiences while abiding by FINRA, the SEC, and other regulatory bodies.

  • Education

    We assist Maperville, IL schools and universities with record keeping and automation, whether that’s in HR, the registrar, or any other department. In under 4 months, we processed over 2.8 million documents for the St. Louis Public School District. We are compliant with FERPA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley regulations.

  • Energy and Utilities

    With increased demand, security, and regulatory compliance in the Maperville, IL energy and utilities industry, contracting out your business processes is an indispensable method of improving efficiency and free up time.

  • Transportation

    Driver logs, fuel receipts, and other documents make up an incredible amount of paper. We streamline your back office operations by capturing data and converting it to a securedatabase that’s easy to search through. We work with many different transportation industries in Maperville, IL and recognize the individual challenges and compliance regulations each one encounters.

  • Human Resources

    We can help you automate hiring processes so you can spend your time on the human facet of your job. When you hire us we’ll help you eliminate manual follow-ups, automatically track employee benefit eligibility, retrieve all employee information through a single application, and streamline your HR processes in countless other ways.

Data Dash is distinctive among Maperville, IL data entry companies because we offer comprehensive services that go far beyond just typing information on a keyboard. We pick up and deliver source documents in Maperville, IL every day. We make money when you save time and money. No matter what industry you’re in, you can stop looking up data entry companies in Maperville, IL. Trust in Data Dash for all your data and documentation needs.

Other services we offer in Maperville, IL include:

The Data Dash Difference | Maperville, IL Data Entry Companies

Out of all the Maperville, IL data entry companies available, no one has the blending of accomplishment, commitment, precision, security, speed, and customer service that Data Dash does. We know your information is sensitive, so unlike other data entry companies we never offshore or outsource to anyone else. All of our data entry technicians have passed background checks and are instructed in relevant regulatory compliance. No job is too massive, too small, or too unpredictable for us to complete accurately and efficiently. Our pricing is done per document, per thousand keystrokes, or per hour, whatever is best for you. For data entry services in Maperville, IL, call Data Dash, a leader among data entry companies for over 2½ decades, today at 314-939-1430 or contact us online.