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July 31, 2017

Paper Consumption in Your Business is Costing You Thousands of Dollars

While paperless business solutions save money, many companies have failed to make the adjustment towards paperless business processes. Businesses both small and corporate use paper in nearly every day to day office task, yet none realize how detrimental this practice can be to their businesses outcomes, time expended, and overall cost savings. What if unforeseen extenuating circumstances took place such as a flood, and your business experienced an earth-shattering loss of paper? In an article written by World Resources Institute, it was stated that over 70 percent of businesses would collapse within three weeks if a major loss of paper were to occur within their company.

In addition to paper loss causing businesses to fail, companies are losing hundreds and thousands of dollars from the amount of paper that they are consuming annually. On average, every individual four-drawer filing cabinet in an office space stores roughly 10,000 to 12,000 records, which takes up 9 square feet, costing an estimated $1,500 a year. Additionally, the standard employee devotes 30-40% of their day searching for documents secured in email accounts and filing cabinets, which totals an extra $20 per month for every employee.

Human-error is the most common form of mistake made in businesses; large organizations lose or misfile a document every 12 seconds; each misplaced document costs $125, and each lost file costs anywhere from $350-$700. While these figures are alarming, lowering the amount of paper used at your company is an easy fix, for the solution of outsourcing data entry services and paperless processes are not only affordable, but they in turn increase overall business productivity throughout your company.

Outsourced Data Entry & Scanning Services from Data Dash Improve Productivity and Save You Money

Data Dash has been in business for over 30 years and is an industry leading source of paperless business solutions including data entry, scanning processes, IT services, and document processing. With a 99.9981% accuracy rating in key verified work, Data Dash’s commitment to quality output for businesses around the globe has proven successful years, for the company can now process over 500,000 documents in one shift alone. The benefits of outsourcing your data entry and processing needs to an industry expert like Data Dash are endless; several reasons why their data entry services are so highly rated from businesses are as follows:

Lower Costs With Paperless Business Solutions

One of the main reasons that companies outsource data entry is due to the amount of money it saves the business long term. By handing over your data entry processes to specialists like those at Data Dash, resources and time are spent on the most important functions of the business rather than the tedious, error ridden practices in-house data entry and processing. The 30-40% of time previously spent searching for information and documents can be found in seconds for a fraction of the cost with data entry solutions from a company with field expertise.  Many businesses pick to offshore outsourcing data processing because they believe that they will receive quality at a much lower price, but it has been noted that many offshore data entry companies are less secure, losing documents and encountering data breaches regularly, in turn costing businesses more in the long run. Data Dash is a domestically ran data entry service company in the United States based in St. Louis, Missouri, with the ability to provide its services across the globe for low prices. Research has shown that on average, a business can save about 60% in operational costs with an outsourced service company like Data Dash.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Outsourcing paperless business solutions such as scanning processes and data entry will also increase the productivity of a company’s daily business operations. If your company is performing at its most efficient rates, the potential for growth and expansion increases drastically. Outsourcing administrative functions to Data Dash, and allowing their skilled experts to manage your back-office processes prevents your business from spending hours of energy on tasks needed for more significant business functions. The time and resources your company spends managing your staff can now be spent working with your customers. Data Dash allows businesses to give their customers their undivided attention and invest in developments that will ultimately increase business activity and customer experiences.

Data Dash professional paperless business solutions are accurate, efficient, and save companies a multitude of dollars over time.

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