Parsons Blewett Memorial Fund

April 3, 2019

Phase I: Data Dash scanned all their financial and teacher grant/scholarship records importing them into Laserfiche Records Management software.  This helped free up office space that was used for file cabinets.  We created a connection between Laserfiche and Quick Base which eliminated the need to rekey information.  If Quick Base is updated the program updated Laserfiche.

Data Dash created a program for that look up applicants on a separation report.  The program automatically updates Quick Base, Laserfiche and imports the separation report into Laserfiche.

Data Dash created a workflow that would match newly scanned documents with information from Quick Base allowing them to easily maintain new documents and to store them in a consistent manner.

During this first phase, Parsons Blewett staff would snapshot/ print electronic applications directly in to the Laserfiche system. Parsons Blewett staff would update Laserfiche and it would automatically update Quick Base.  Parsons Blewett staff still had to perform all the manual checks against several systems to verify if the applicant was eligible for a scholarship and send out a lot of emails.

Phase II: Data Dash created electronic application form, cancel application form and reset password form.  All forms reside on the Parsons website.  The application form is only visible during enrollment times.  The applicant goes to Parsons Blewett website, fill out the electronic application form and once submitted, the applicant receives a thank you email stating your application has been received and is processing.  The system automatically creates the newly registered users, assigns them a temporary password, creates a new folder for the user, assigns the rights so that the applicant user can only see the files in their folder, and sends the initial login data to the user.  An electronic copy of the email is stored in the Laserfiche repository in two places, one where the applicant can see it.  It is all stored in the record series.

Parsons staff also receives an email with a link to the form after the form automatically checks the roster to ensure enrollment and check several other databases that used to be done manually.  In some cases the application is not eligible and would automatically send out an email to the applicant stating the reason.  For eligible applicants the system automatically generates electronic reports, and PDF’s and emails out to various entities.  During any part of the process the applicant or Parsons may cancel the application.  Should an applicant fix an issue that made them ineligible, Parsons can reactivate the application.

New sessions are automatically created.

The applicant can log on to a web portal and view the status of their current and past applications and funding.  The process reduces errors, and saves Parsons over 50% of their time during the busy enrollment sessions.

Phase III: An electronic voter form for board members is in development.