Large Chemical Company Needed Help Fast

January 27, 2017

Large Chemical Company needed help fast! They were double scanning! Don’t Double Scan Costing Your Company Double! Data Dash came to the rescue.

A large chemical company used another provider to scan all their maintenance records. Many of images were unreadable and in some cases some documents were not even scanned. So they had to pay to have it all scanned again. Data Dash stepped in to scan old and poor quality blue-prints increasing the quality of the print and allowing it to be a cleaner readable copy. Nothing was missed using Data Dash’s double quality check and 99.5% accuracy rating.

These same documents were essential to the safe running of this 24/7 chemical facility. Once again Data Dash with our outstanding customer service made these documents available and provided 24-hour on-call services for these vital documents.

The entire scanning and delivery process was done with our same quality customer service from front door pick up to hand delivery drop off.