The Perks of Using Data Capture Services
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How Data Capture Services Save Your Business Time and Money

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May 24, 2019

Data Capture Services ― Saving Time and Money

We live in a world where technology is constantly evolving, and businesses are expected to stay up to date with technology. Many businesses stick with the same paper documents they have always used, out of ease and fear of changing up tried and true methods of keeping data.

But paper documents are slowing businesses down in a myriad of ways that end up costing your business. Data capture services can help your business make a seamless transition to paperless. These services seek to convert the data a company primarily keeps on paper to a digital database. Outsourcing data entry takes the responsibility of the more administrative aspects of a business out of the hands of internal employees in order to free up their time for other core business functions. Paperless businesses save time, money, and resources. Find out how data capture services can help boost your company across several areas.

Data Capture Services Save Time

If you have ever worked in a business that relies on paper solutions for a majority of its most important information, you know that so much time is spent simply searching for and reorganizing the information that you need. You must first locate a single file among hundreds if not thousands, you spend time searching within that file for the specific document that you need, and once you are done with the information, you spend even more time putting the file away. And that’s in an office where files are relatively organized. An office with poorly organized files can cost you even more time.

Data capture services easily allow you to store all of your important data in a single space where it can be found in a fraction of the time. No additional time is spent putting away files, so they always stay organized. At Data Dash, we offer a number of database management solutions to help organize your valuable information and gain efficiency. We can help you set up, maintain, administrate, and organize your information in an online database. Using data capture services to create a streamlined path to accessing your data will save a lot of time.

If the thought of digitizing all of your business’s current information intimidates you, Data Dash offers data capture services that will save you and your employees a lot of time. We offer high-speed scanning services and can scan up to 250,000 pages per day. Digitizing your information in the office can be tedious and result in frustration. We take great care to convert your information to digital files as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible so that you and your business can focus on more important things.

Businesses Save Money Long Term With Data Capture Services

Going paperless with data capture services can save you thousands of dollars in material costs each year. Paper files don’t seem like a significant cost for a business, but the costs of paper add up quickly. A business spends money not only on the paper itself but also a printer and ink, files, file cabinets, and office space for the file cabinets. A standard four-drawer file cabinet can cost a company up to $1500 a year.

Converting paper files to a digital space with data capture services can free up physical office space and save tons of money. Data capture services can dramatically cut down on what a business spends on paper and other materials.

Although it may be tempting to convert data to digital in your office, outsourcing actually has the potential to save a business even more money, as your employees will spend less time on inefficient data entry and will have more time to focus on projects that will actually grow your business. Data Dash’s data capture services are less expensive and more efficient than hiring administrative assistants. That means you’ll save money that you can invest back into your company rather than wasting it on keeping up with managing paper documents.

Data Capture Services Increase Productivity and Eliminate Errors

Using data capture services to go paperless can save money through increasing employees’ productivity by eliminating a significant amount of human error. One of the biggest mistakes employees frequently make at a business is misplacing or losing important documents. When a document is misplaced, employees spend valuable time locating it, and when a document is lost, a business loses even more money.

Data capture services allow a business to digitize all of its information to a computer or database. This eliminates the risk of documents being lost due to human error and increases employees’ productivity, as they are no longer searching fruitlessly for lost files and can much more quickly locate the information that they need. As part of its data capture services, Data Dash offers complete backup, recovery, and archival of documents to ensure that no information will get lost in the shuffle. In fact, in our 30 years of service, we have never lost a single document.

If you find yourself buried in administrative work or constantly encountering organizational issues and human error in your office, it might be a good idea to consider outsourcing some of your work to a company that specializes in data entry. Data Dash guarantees 99.5% accuracy on all of our data entry, and if we do make a mistake, we’ll fix it immediately when notified. When your employees aren’t constantly bogged down with arduous administrative tasks, they will become more productive, resourceful, and competitive – and less prone to making costly mistakes.

Data Capture Services Save Resources

To produce one ton of office paper, an estimated 24 trees are required, and the United States is one of the biggest producers of paper in the world. The production of paper and deforestation have a huge impact on the environment, including changes to the climate, air pollution, and water pollution. Recycling paper can help curb these environmental impacts, but even using recycled paper takes a significant toll on the environment.

Data capture services can significantly impact paper usage by eliminating your company’s need for paper in the future. Once you migrate all of a company’s important information to a digital space, it only makes sense to continue to create new documents digitally and transition to a completely paperless office environment that doesn’t negatively impact the environment through paper usage.

Businesses Can Survive Disasters With Data Capture Services

Data capture services allow you to save important information more securely. In the past, if you wanted your information to be as secure as possible, you would print out a hard copy of it. In today’s world, that’s not necessary, and keeping exorbitant amounts of paper stored in an office space is actually much less secure than keeping it stored safely on a computer.

Say your business keeps all of your important information in files in your office space, and your business doesn’t have any of it backed up on a computer. Paper files are incredibly vulnerable to any sort of element. A bad flood, fire, tornado, or other natural disasters could wipe out years of information at once, completely destroying or severely crippling your business.

Data capture services give you peace of mind knowing that your information has a place on a computer or database that isn’t vulnerable to natural elements. Using data capture services to go paperless provides security for your company in knowing that your data can’t be wiped out by a single disaster.

Access Your Information in More Places Using Data Capture Services

Using data capture services to digitize all of your business’s information offers perks beyond increased efficiency and financial savings. By digitizing your documents, you can potentially access them across a variety of devices in different places.

When information is stored on a piece of paper, a person has to be physically in possession of that piece of paper in order to have access to that information. If multiple people want to access the same information, multiple copies would need to be made using more paper, costing more money, taking up more space, and creating further organizational issues.

With our data capture services, information is stored digitally in an organized database that can be accessed from any number of computers, by multiple people at the same time, from many locations. As a part of Data Dash’s database management services, we can even merge or purge duplicate documents to help streamline all of your digital information. Also, using data capture services to digitize information allows you to share that information much more easily.

With all of our data capture services, Data Dash guarantees security. Your business’s data is sensitive, and we take that seriously. We comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as PCI. We want you to feel confident that we treat your data with the utmost care and security.

Data Capture Services Can Give Your Clients Better Access to Their Own Information

As previously mentioned, data capture services make your data more accessible for employees, but it can also make data more accessible for clients as well. If your business, and clients’ information, is primarily kept on paper, in order for clients to access that information, they must physically come to your office to request to see a physical copy or have the information faxed or even scanned and emailed to them.

Data capture services allow information to be stored on a digital database, so it can be accessed by clients remotely or emailed securely and quickly. Not only does this save time for your business and employees, but it also saves your clients plenty of time and hassle. Happy clients can only mean good things for your business.

Why Your Business Should Use Data Capture Services to Transition to a Paperless Office Environment

Going paperless can seem like more work than it’s worth, but in reality, using data capture services to create a digital space for your information can benefit you, your clients, and the world in many unexpected ways. Plus, outsourcing the digitization of your data means that your business and your employees don’t have to spend time on arduous data entry.

Data capture services like Data Dash can save your employees tons of time by eliminating a lot of their day-to-day administrative tasks. Eliminating administrative tasks allows your employees to become more productive and frees up room for them to focus on more important things that can grow your business. Plus, your business won’t be losing time and money due to common human errors like losing documents or files.

Going paperless saves money by eliminating your company’s need to keep repurchasing certain materials like paper, files, and file cabinets again and again as you acquire more information. And in turn, your company can promote a healthier relationship with the environment, as choosing not to consume paper means that fewer trees are cut down each year. Using data capture services to go paperless also means that your business is less vulnerable to disasters like floods or fires.

One of the biggest reasons to switch to a paperless business through data capture services is that a digital database makes your data more accessible for both your employees and your clients. Switching from paper to a digital database means that you are no longer physically bound to your documents and can access them from a number of locations and devices.

Final Thoughts

If the thought of going paperless and digitizing all of your information seems daunting, Data Dash can help! We have a number of data capture services that can take the stress out of data entry, and we are able to customize our data capture services to your business, no matter what industry you are in – commercial, government, healthcare, not-for-profit, financial, education, energy and utilities, transportation, human resources, and more!

No matter what your needs for digitizing your information are, we have custom solutions to provide data capture services to suit your business’s individual needs. Data Dash provides services in data entry, database management, scanning and more. We strive to provide accurate, efficient, and affordable solutions for digitizing your company’s valuable information.