Healthcare Satisfaction Surveys

January 27, 2017

Data Dash is providing automated data entry and scanning of Healthcare surveys. The client will send Data Dash a box of surveys that require data capture of bubbled survey question answers. Data Dash first unfolds each survey. Next Data Dash scans the surveys. During Scanning the survey bubble data, and survey IDs are captured from the paper form. Data Dash then exports the bubble data, as well the scanned PDF files of these surveys that are named by survey ID. These survey files are then returned to the client via physical media.

Data Dash Health Care Surveys streamline feedback and improve the lines of communication between doctors, patients, administrators, medical suppliers, and more. We Gather essential information from your customer base and help you make informed healthcare decisions. We can provide templates for information or help you create a survey specifically to your needs. We also partner with several statistical analysis leaders to help you interpret your information outcomes.